Retail Innovation Grounded in Experience

Hello. I am Myron Burke and I welcome you to DIVERGENT Technology Advisors, L.L.C.

With over 25 years of successful experience developing retail innovation, integrating business operations with emerging technologies, and leading the development of industry standards at the world’s leading retailer, I decided to alter direction. Now, I share my passion for reinventing retail through the synthesis of data, engagement, innovation and process design to help accelerate retail business models. Whether you are a retailer, an enterprise technology partner or an early stage start-up, our engagement and road mapping process has been designed and honed to help you achieve results. Through a forward looking and hands-on engagement model, we bring both vision and practicality to the strategic integration and go to market planning  process. Our divergent vantage point and deep understanding of constantly emerging technologies enables us to provide unique and relevant perspective across a diverse portfolio including: 

- Computer Vision

- Intelligent Inventory  /  Buildings

- Digital Twins

- Automation / Mobile  /  Robotics

- Wireless -  Data and Power 

We look across your portfolio needs and gaps to help you create an interoperable ecosystem tailored to empower your teams to drive existing, new and even expanding business strategies while enabling your customers to have a seamless experience.